Lakeside Express Laundromat Reviews & Testimonials

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Washers here do a really great job of cleaning clothes and 99% of the time, the facility is clean.
This is one of the most up-to-date, well-maintained laundromats that I have been to. There are TVs on almost every wall, lots of places to sit and relax and a proper area to fold your clothes. I got one of the cards for this laundromat called "Fascard". I went home and registered my card so that I can put money on it from home before I even get to the laundromat. The card is free, and it works on the washers, dryers, vending machines, and it gets you into the bathroom. The machines themselves accept the Fascard, credit, debit, Apple Pay, quarters, etc.
Very clean, very efficient. I was in and out within an hour.
Great place and great staff. Updated machines working great. Can do huge load of laundry and be out in under 1 hour. I highly recommend this place.
Usually clean and always responsive to problems.
The place is quiet if you have any problems, they will take care of it right away and it's clean.
Large front loaders does not damage clothing like agitators do.
Great place. Very clean!
I like this place. Machines work great.
New, neat and clean.
Good, fast machines. First time here. Would definitely come back again.
This is a nice clean and friendly environment. Open early every time I do laundry and even on the weekend, they stay open a little later than normal to help accommodate us working class folks.
Very clean and fast machines.
Clean. Fast new machines! Friendly staff.