​Wash and Fold Coin and Card Laundromat in Lakeside, CA with Pickup & Delivery, and Commercial Laundry Services 

Lakeside Express Laundromat is a laundry facility located in beautiful Lakeside, California.  Our laundromat is only two years old and is fully attended and very clean.  Our new washers and dryers are fast and efficient and can complete your laundry in less than an hour.  

Lakeside Express Laundromat now offers complete laundry service!  Besides self service, we offer fluff and fold where you drop off your laundry and we wash and fold your clothing for you.  We also offer commercial laundry service for your business needs.   In addition to these services, we are happy to announce that we are now offering laundry pickup and delivery service.  It's an easy time saver.  Give it a try!

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Our Laundromat Has You Covered

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Fluff & Fold

Save time!  Drop off your laundry and let us do it for you!


Self Service Laundry

The finest washers in the cleanest store.  Come visit and see for yourself!


Commercial Laundry

FREE laundry pickup for your business!   We'll do your laundry and you'll have more time to run your business.


Pickup & Delivery

FREE laundry pickup at your home or business.  We'll save you so much time!


Wash &
Fold (Next-Day)
Per Pound

**$35 Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (Same-Day)
Per Pound

**$35 Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service (Recurring)
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service (As needed)
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

Self Service Laundry Prices

  • 20-lb Washers (10 Total) $3.25
  • 40-lb Washers (4 Total) $6.00
  • 60-lb Washers (4 Total) $8.25
  • 30-lb Dryers (10 Total) $0.25 (6 Minutes)
  • 40-lb Dryers (8 Total) $0.25 (5 Minutes)

About Lakeside Express Laundromat

Lakeside Express Laundromat is a gorgeous new laundromat!  The entire laundry is done is stainless and granite, including our folding tables.  We are so proud of this laundromat.  We put in the fastest, most high-tech equipment, so you can be in and out of our laundry in just an hour.  We have a loyalty program that earns you extra money on your card and are now offering our FREE laundry pickup and delivery service.  It's easy, just click here and schedule a pickup.  Imagine how much time you'll save not having to ever go to the laundry again!

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